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Banquet rooms

TERMINAL ART INN rental conference room that can accommodate up to 47 people and can be used for seminars and conferences.

  • We offer the facilities in the hotel as a time rental conference room.
    We can accommodate up to 47 people, screens, long desks and lunch boxes.

A meeting room use service that allows you to select a plan that suits your needs.

  • You can use the lounge on the first floor for meetings and meetings.
    Please contact us regarding the size and construction of the venue, depending on the purpose and number of people.
    If necessary, we can arrange rental equipment such as conference tables and screens, and lunch boxes.
    <Advance reservation system by phone>

Price list

  • 【A type】
    ・Capacity:~ 14 people
    ・Hourly fee:2,200 yen
    ・area/Tsubo:29㎡/9 tsubo

    【Type B】
    ・Capacity:16 to 25 people
    ・Hourly fee:4,400 yen
    ・area/Tsubo:59㎡/18 tsubo

    【Type C】
    ・Capacity:25 to 45
    ・Hourly fee:6,600 yen
    ・area/Tsubo:89㎡/27 tsubo
Open HoursBasically from 10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
Please contact us outside of the above hours.
About drinkDrinks (tea and coffee) will be compatible with tea machines, so please use self-service.
The price is a service.
About lunchWe order from 880 yen(Reservation required)
About the conference tableUp to 10 can be used free of charge.
We will prepare it for 1,100 yen (1 piece) for the 11th and more.
Also, if the conference room fee is 10,000 yen or more, it will be a service.
About rental equipment・screen:2,200 yen
・projector:5,500 yen
・TV / DVD player set:2,200 yen

Image of setup

  • A type(29㎡)
    Square shape(Up to 15 people)
  • A type(29㎡)
    School(Up to 9)
  • B type(59㎡)
    Square shape(16 to 25 people)
  • B type(59㎡)
    School(Up to 24)
  • C type(89㎡)
    Square shape(25 to 40 people)
  • C type(89㎡)
    Round table(Up to 47)