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  • Japanese Food

    Breakfast is very well received by guests staying at TERMINAL ART INN.
    For breakfast, we prepare the taste of Ofukuro and Koshihikari from Niigata.We are particular about delicious breakfasts because we are in the food country.

    880 yen(Tax included)

    AM6: 30 to AM9: 00

    【Japanese and Western buffet】
    rice(Niigata Prefecture Koshihikari)/Miso soup/Bread/coffee/milk/Orange juice/ /Yogurt/Seaweed/Raw egg/Natto/pickles/Fried eggs/Potato salad or macaroni salad/grilled fish/Wiener/Boiled egg/fruit/Raw vegetables

    <Daily menu>
    Stewed taro / Kinpira burdock / Mapo tofu / Chinese cabbage and nameko ponzu sauce / Tofu hamburger / Stewed hamburger / Curry rice / Fried egg with mushrooms and onions / Stewed eggplant and bell pepper / Stewed hijiki / Komatsuna / Eight vegetables / Simmered radish and squid / Cream stew / Meat and potatoes / Grilled potatoes and bacon with cheese / Chicken simmered in sweet dew / Roll cabbage / Macaroni gratin...Other seasonal ingredients available
    • Breakfast

      880 yen(Tax included)
      Period available:
      AM6: 30 to AM9: 00
  • Western Food